Apartment 243 Renovation

The Highlands at Wyomissing
9 weeks
828 sqft

After an in-depth review of this apartment, Nolt Mathis and The Highlands at Wyomissing worked together to develop a scope of work to complete the renovation of Apartment 243. Nolt Mathis performed demolition, framing, painting, carpentry, on-site supervision, and project management to work with trade partners. This project was completed in October 2022

Design Selections

The residents moving into the home utilized design services by Nolt Mathis to select their finishes. The resident moving into this apartment had a great sense of what their interior design should look like. They found that the selection program outlined by Nolt Mathis and The Highlands encompassed all of the selections that they had previously visualized. The finished apartment is outfitted with a traditionally stained kitchen and simple shaker door style.

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